Website Service Made Easy.

We cater to business owners that don't have the time and energy to manage their web presence.

Time is limited, convenience isn't.

What if you could update your Website by sending a text?

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Frustration free, No DIY!

We handle all the website work.

  • Design using your logo and branding
  • Highlight Relevant Content
  • Hosting in Google Cloud Platform
  • Updates when you need them
  • Peace of mind your website is fully managed
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Personalized service over text message

Convenience is key when it comes to communication. We removed all the barriers.

  • You don't need to create an account
  • You don't need to remember passwords
  • You don't need to call for customer service
  • Simply text us your website updates anytime day or night and consider it done
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Yes, updates are included!

As easy as taking a picture and send it via text.

  • Need to change a picture? hours of operation? update your location or phone number? we've got you covered!
  • Hospitality businesses find convenient to be able to update menu items and prices via text
  • Simple 1:1 communication when you need it. We are only a text away!
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Optimized Web Design

We use Material Design principles to optimize design and navigation.

  • Primary and secondary color palette that fits your branding
  • Modern design principles for navigation in mobile devices
  • A proven template design to win over potential customers
  • Wonder how it looks for your business? request a free demo!
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Frequent Ask Questions

Yes, requesting a free demo is the best way to experience our service and see how your business would look like in our optimized design template.

No, you get billed for our all-in-one Website Service on a yearly basis, but there are no contracts or commitments.

Yes, but we don't offer full or prorated refunds after you pay for your annual service. We provide a free demo to try out our service and help you decide before you buy it.

We provide an annual invoice for our service and the option to pay with major credit and debit cards or via check. We use Square for card payments and don't store your card. SQUARE is a trademark of Square, Inc.

No, we offer an all-in-one Website Service and don't provide the option to purchase the website design or code.

Yes, as long as the services offered are the same in each location. For example, in the case of a restaurant, as long as the food menus are the same.

We don't offer ecommerce services at this point nor we provide merchant services or point of sale. Our service is tailored to showcase businesses that provide a service, including hospitality.

We don't offer online ordering for hostpitality businesses. However, we can integrate 3rd party services that you may parter with for online food ordering and delivery.

Yes, we built our website service to be fully-managed so you don't have to do it yourself. You can request updates via text or email, your choice.

No, we don't. However, if you don't have a domain, we can purchase it on your behalf as part of the service.

Yes, and we can assist you connecting our service with your domain service provider. It requires to add a record in the DNS setting, fairly simple.

No, but we recommend Google's G Suite service to purchase an email account with your own domain.

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