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Most of our clients come from frustrating experiences dealing with DIY services or freelancers.

A beautiful designed website
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Design to showcase your services
Optimized for speed
Personalized Support
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Inquiry Form
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Free Custom Domain
Assistance connecting your Domain
Google Search Optimized
SSL Hosting
Google Analytics
Google Maps
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Frequent Ask Questions

No, our plan is all-inclusive and is billed annually. The updates you request during the year of service are included.

A month before the end of your annual service, we will send you a bill for another year.

Your website is unpublished from the Internet and if we purchased your domain as part of the service, the domain becomes available for everyone to buy it. We do not hold domains nor keep your service running after it has expired.

Yes, we can transfer the domain we purchased for your service to any other vendor you let us know as long as the domain is within the annual service time frame. If your service expires, the domain becomes available for everyone to purchase it. We don't hold or renew domains for expired services.

Not to worry, we are not in the business of keeping or holding domains for our clients. Your domain is yours along with the data we publish on your behalf for your business. If you let the service expire, your website is removed from the Internet and your domain becomes available for purchase by anyone. We do not gurantee you will get your domain back if it becomes available for purchase in the Internet due to an expired service.

No. We offer the purchase of a domain as a convenience service for our clients when they don't have one, but we don't offer discounts if you have your own domain.

Yes, but our annual plan is billed per website or business. You cannot host multiple websites in the same annual plan.

Yes, you can renew at $120 per year if you don't plan to make any requests for changes to your website. However, if you do need to make a change during the year of service, not to worry, we'll do it for you and will only bill you for the difference to our standard annual fee, currently at $200 per year.

Indeed, we provide you with an invoice for the annual service.

No, at this point our focus are local businesses and don't offer a solution for large or enterprise type of websites.

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